Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Explorer Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt activity was an interesting idea. I enjoyed the idea of leaving the gymnasium with a group, while still remaining in contact with the teacher. It was nice being able explore new scenery with out small groups in order to accomplish a task. Another aspect of the lesson that I liked was the incorporation of imagination and creativity, with the teachers wearing accessories and refering to each other with different names in order to go along with the theme of the lesson. This is something that would be really cool to include in future lessons. Interdisciplinary teaching is a benefitial strategy in developing a student's educational potential. Students learn best in different ways, and many would understand concepts better if also taught through the physical in fun and interesting ways. Faculty should work together to provide a variety of opportunities for students to learn. While the effort to include technology in this lesson was commendable, I feel like it may have taken away from the activity. Many times it took too long for the groups to receive the text message giving them their next clue. Too much time was spent standing in wait for the next message, and because of this I think the heart rates of the class was lower than expected. Also, there was no incentive for the groups to put as much effort in completing the tasks as they could. It could have been better if we knew how many clues there were and tried to be the first group back, or a competition of some sort.

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