Saturday, November 8, 2008

Frisbee Lesson

My Frisbee lesson did not go very well at all. Prior to teaching, I felt that I was prepared for the lesson and was excited to teach the class. However, when I got to class, I found out that I was not teaching in the environment that I predicted. Rather than teaching in the gym, I was to teach in the field house. This change threw me off completely, as I was not prepared to make the adjustments necessary for the difference. I had to create different goal areas than I had originally intended to with only the materials that I had reserved. This improvisation was very difficult for me, and I was not prepared to control a class that was more spread out. On top of this, some students were absent and as a result my plans for even groups was ineffective. I could have done 2 on 2 games rather than 3 vs 2. Furthermore, I was overly conscious of the fact that my voice was being recorded. I was so worried about saying extraneous words such as "um" and "uh" that I actually said them more. I wasn't very natural in my interactions with the class because I was nervous about what I would hear on the recording. With this lesson I realized that I need to not over-think things and be prepared for anything. I can't rely on things going exactly as I plan.

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