Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Second Time Teaching

The second time we taught in class, each of us kept our same partners and repeated the same lesson as our first. With this, I feel that I improved but not as much as I would have liked to. Taking what we learned from class, my partner and I decided to change the activity that the students would be doing. Rather than having the students shoot on a basket, which might illicit self consciousness, we had them each take a basketball and shoot against the wall. This way, they were all active the entire activity. We also improved by giving only a few cues for the students to focus on. We wanted the students to first focus on proper hand placement on the ball, and a proper stance. Then, when shooting against the wall we had them focus on following through. A problem I think we had with the lesson was that the activity was very simple and did not allow for much constructive feedback since each student was able to easily perform the task. The activity sort of became boring rather quickly. Also, my partner and I wound up on opposing sides of the gym and because of this did not have communication for when to stop the activity. I didn't know how much time he needed in respect to the students that I was dealing with. With this lesson I realized that I had difficulty giving feedback to students, especially when they all perform the task with ease. I found it difficult to pretend that my peers were my students.

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