Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Korfball Lab D- Gameplay

My final lesson of korfball was okay. I improved my visual aids greatly from all of my past experiences teaching, and created aids that were pleasing to the eye and able to be seen from a distance. Another aspect of my lesson that I did better with was my attention to the time. This was the first time that I stopped the lesson and did my closure without a signal from a teacher letting me know that I needed to wrap it up. Something that threw off my lesson from the start was my inability to have everything set up prior to teaching. Korfball is a game that required baskets that I make myself using volleyball posts. I had to wait for a teacher to be present so that I could obtain the posts with a key. I was rushed for time and was told to start the instant activity while I continued to set up. This did not work very well, as while I continued to get ready a student became injured. I feel that I handled the injury fairly well and under control. Also, later in the lesson some of the students did not listen to the rules and kicked the soccer ball. I tried to get the ball back and had a little difficulty having the boys follow orders but after a little persistence they complied. Like other lessons, I have to work on talking loudly so that everyone can hear me. I feel that in the beginning of the lesson while I discussed the class rules I began talking loudly but once activity began I was drowned out. It would have helped my lesson greatly if I would have talked louder. Things would have went much more smoothly i feel. Another thing that would have been more effective prior to the lesson would have been creating the teams before hand so that less time was wasted. Again a student was absent which messed up the even teams, but luckily the girls in the group were behaved and didn't mind playing 3 vs 2. And finally, I still need to continue working on proper feedback. I need to focus on saying students names each time, and provide more specific and congruent feedback relating to the cues given.

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