Sunday, November 9, 2008

Korfball Lesson 1

For lab C, we were assigned partners and given the task of choosing a sport with an international background to teach. The sport that we chose to teach was Korfball, which is a game that is similar to basketball. Korball differs from basketball in a variety of ways, yet one of the main differences is ball movement. The ball can only move up the court through passing, and because of this . Because of this, my partner and I decided to begin our series of lessons by focusing on passing skills. Reflecting on our lesson, I feel that there were several elements that could have been improved. We had a safety statement planned yet forgot to say it to the class prior to activity. Also, I realized that having the class gather closer each time I speak is a waste of class time. Instead, I should tell the class to freeze and speak loudly for everyone to hear. Another thing that needed improvement was the visual aids that we made. They needed to be larger for everyone to see, and in color so that they were more appealing to the eye. Furthermore, a difficulty I noticed that I have when giving feedback is that I often forget students names on the spot. I know the names but my mind goes blank on the spot. Because of this, I often don't say names when giving the feedback.

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