Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Korfball Lesson 2- Shooting

I was really nervous about this lesson. Before class, my partner and I made Korfball baskets by duct taping plastic baskets, with the bottom cut out, onto volleyball poles. I was certain that, with my luck, the baskets we made would fall apart after a few times shooting. Fortunatly, this was not the case and every basket managed to make it through the entire lesson and, overall, I feel that the lesson went well. A nice element that we included, which helped get the students into activity, was starting off the class with free shooting. The students had the opportunity to try shooting on the baskets in any way they saw fit before we taught them the proper techniques. It also let them get a feel for the basket, as well as allow us as teachers to assess the students initial level of skill. Another aspect of our lesson that I thought worked well was the incorporation of the affective domain, asking students to encourage one another and give high fives. Although it may seem a little silly, the students seemed to get into it and I feel it made the activities more enjoyable. In the end they each received a reward for their good behavior. I feel that this lesson was my best performance in teaching and giving feedback to the students. A reason for this is because I was teaching and helping the students with a skill that they have never done before. I was a little nervous prior to teaching because my lesson plans for the day was changed last minute, and i had to teach activities that I didn't expect to teach. Also, our length of teaching time was increased so we had more time to fill. The activities went well though. Something I need to work on, however, is speaking loudly so that my instructions can be heard by everyone in the gym. When I did the activity of the race for the first team to make ten successful shots, I should have specified that I would be the person to announce when the race began. At the time I thought that the class would understand without me saying, but it was not the case. Another improvement that could be made is, although I hate to say it, my visual aids. In the future, my classroom rules should have a larger and more easily read font. Furthermore, I feel that I would benefit from using names more when I give feedback.

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